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The Sleeves

The Sleeves are an all-British band, based in Hong Kong and recorded their second album “Deliverance” at 60 Road Studios.  The album was highly recommended by PoP in Singapore, and Timeout Hong Kong listed it as one of the best released of the year.

Kampot Playboys

Kampot Playboys are a fusion band from south Cambodia and are known for their lively energetic live performances and unique sound.  Their debut album “Garuda” was long anticipated and well received internationally, as well as with their local fan base.  It was selected as one of the best albums of 2018 by Khmer Times.

The WildMen

The new release from the four-piece neo-punk outfit The WildMen features songs with a no-nonsense old-school attitude. Angst filled tunes about love and adventure coupled with fiery guitar licks and thundering drum beats make for a good head-bashing time without ever devolving into pure noise.

Cambodian Space Project & Paul Kelly

Iconic Australian music artist, Paul Kelly performs a reimagining of the Lee Hazelwood/Nancy Sinatra hit “Summer Wine” with the internationally acclaimed Cambodian Space Project.

Jim Diamond, a leading producer/sound engineer that has produced albums for successful US bands (such as The White Stripes, The Sonics), joined the band at 60 Road Studios to record their album “Spaced Out In Wonderland”.

Dean Wolf Bailey

Stockport legend Dean has worked extensively with the studio on his material, releasing Sophie just prior to the pandemic.

Doch Chkae

Originally rubbish-picking street kids, Doch Chkae is a high energy black metal band that performed at Wacken Festival in 2019.

Laura Mam


American born Cambodian superstar Laura Mam is one of the most creative musicians in the Kingdom,  often combining traditional sounds with contemporary pop.

Kmeng Khmer

Rap duo Socheat and Ponleur from Kmeng Khmer, surprised many with the success of their debut single.

Ricardo Gonzalez

Mexican singer/songwriter Ricardo Gonzalez’s El Color del Cameleon was the theme song for a documentary of the same name.

Hilde Marie


Norwegian singer-songwriter Marie, partnered with 60 Road Studios to co-arrange and produce her song “Traces”.  The entire team happily helped out, playing guitar, programmed drums and synth sounds

Spooky Mansion

California-based Spooky Mansion recorded and mixed their recent E.P. “Cambodian B Sides” at 60 Road Studios.

Melissa Lingo

After Melissa Lingo recorded her album Vertigo at 60 Road Studios, she chose to help finance the Vertigo Vol 2 album with a live performance at the studio with cellist Cecile LaCharme.

Northpoint Project

Joyful and dynamic trio inspired by traditional music such as celtic, balkan, and folk music that perform a variety of styles.

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